summer 2015


In June of last year, I went back to Germany. It was a trip that meant a lot to me on many levels, and I always vaguely intended to post about it, but spent the rest of that summer constantly changing gears and locations and spent most of last semester keeping my head above water with work and other pressures. But processing my 2011-12 experience into posts had been such an important part of my year there that I kept wanting to make some kind of travel diary (beyond my actual, paper, travel diary) to help me put my memories together and fit my checklist of historical sites into a somewhat more coherent historical context.

So: I begin!

I will go in order, as chronology is the spice of life.

My itinerary:

  • June 1: Departed Phoenix. Connected in Seattle.
  • June 2: Arrived in Frankfurt. Spent the night¬†in Heidelberg.
  • June 3: Heidelberg
  • June 4:¬†Worms and Speyer. Night in Munich.
  • June 5-9 – Munich
  • June 10 – Bamberg
  • June 11 – Koblenz
  • June 12 – Trier
  • June 13 – Aachen, night in Maastricht.
  • June 14 – Maastricht
  • June 15 – Mainz
  • June 16 – Mainz
  • June 17 – Flew out of Frankfurt, 10am
The author pictured with renowned German icon.